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Pet Stain Removal

Pet Stain Removal

Pet stain removal can be a difficult task since these stains can actually change pH. If you can get to a spot quick enough, you might actually have good luck getting it out. However, a spot that has been there for a while might not react the same way with the same cleaner because it’s changed pH.

In addition to the pH issue, pet stains can seep deep into your carpet and into the backing, causing a frustrating odor. Our powerful cleaning method offers a deep-clean that you can’t accomplish with a well-intended DIY attitude and by simply purchasing store-bought stain removers. Sometimes these stain removers can actually make matters worse since they might leave a residue that attracts more dirt and bacteria.

After we clean the soiled areas, we can apply a deodorizer that will actually eat away at the odor-causing bacteria rather than just masking the odor. Most store-bought deodorizers can’t do that.

If you have some stubborn pet stains, contact us for a carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning quote today.