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Bacteria That Might Be Hiding In Your Carpet

Carpets are a popular spot for bacteria to hang out.

Bringing outdoor debris into a carpeted area can turn pretty gross pretty quickly. A microbiology research published in 2001 discovered that carpet is about 4000x dirtier than a toilet seat and hosts about 200,000 bacteria per square inch.

But the main risk is allergies.

Allergens like pollen and dust work themselves deep into your carpet fibers and can cause respitory issues such as wheezing when kicked in the air.

And don’t forget about the extras

Dead human skin cells when shed become primary food for dust mites and carpet is well known for trapping pet hair.

Vacuuming is crucial… but just not enough

Vacuuming your carpet once a week helps fight off bacteria and allergins – but to keep your carpet healthy and bacteria-free, it is important to get your carpets professionally cleaned every six months.

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